Friday, May 1, 2020

Saving Fabric Scraps

My latest batch of note cards made from my scrap stash of fabric! 

 The simple practice of keeping my scraps has given me the pleasure of creating many one-of-kind projects, through the years - from quilts and zipper pouches, right down to cute little note cards.

What do you need to make these note cards from scraps?
(other than an iron for pressing the fabric strips before sewing and your sewing machine... )

  • a machine needle that will only be used for sewing through fabric + card stock (I save my dull needles from quilting to be used for card making. Keep your best needles for your fabric projects, as sewing through paper will dull needles - just as scissors for fabric should never be used to cut paper!).
  • sheets of card stock (I use white for sewing with lighter fabrics, while darker card stock is fine under darker fabrics for card making).
  • fabric strips *
  • pre-made blank note cards (or you can simply make your own with card stock!) 
  • double sided tape for securing the fabric covered pieces of card stock onto the fronts of the blank note cards
  • paper cutting scissors or a rotary cutter used exclusively for cutting paper (used for trimming the fabric covered pieces of card stock)

*Each time I trim the raw edges of a piece of yardage, I am left with a fabric strip the width of the fabric.  Rather than toss it away, I collect those off cuts, so that they can be used in my card or tag making projects.

Varying in width and in an assortment of colours, I keep my fabric strips cut from squaring yardage.  Years worth of collecting adds up and gives me a wonderful bounty to source from for card making!
Recently, I needed a few note cards to accompany some hand made gifts and so I pulled out the bag of collected cut off strips to be sewn onto card stock.  I selected a mix of low volume fabric strips and pastel pinks, blues and the odd mint ones to be using in my card making.

Fabric strips are placed to overlap the previous strip, on top of the card stock and then stitched down (securing both strips at the same time).  I continue adding/sewing strips until I cover the sheet of card stock.

I find it works well to have 2 sheets of card stock to use at a time for sewing my fabric strips and to give an slight overhang of the fabric past the edge of the card stock.  This allows for me to continually stitch and not have to stop immediately after sewing down a strip of fabric.  Once I have completely covered a sheet of card stock, I use a ruler and cutter to trim the fabric to the edge of the card stock. Next I cut pieces to the size needed to add to the front of my blank note card.  I edge stitch the perimeter of each cut piece, before securing it with double sided tape, to the front of the note card.

Looking for more samples or ideas?
Here's a peek at my previous scrappy fabric cards and tags:

What are your favourite projects for using fabric scraps?


  1. Perfect way to use up scraps and make pretty cards! I need to look for some of the scalloped cards like you've used. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  2. Your note cards are beautiful! I looked back at the tags that you made and they are so nice too. I wish that I had a machine for cutting the tags out. I do string piecing, mini quilts and pincushions. I love working with scraps!

  3. these are sweet little treasures. Super adorable
    I have to admit, I have a lot of strips and little triangles and an inch of a square in a few boxes here. Fun and cute


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