Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making it Girly

Yesterday, I gave a sneak peek at what I have been working on showing you the different tools I was using.  Today, I'm going to show what the tools helped me make!
The transfer pencil and tracing paper were used to make this cut-away rose.  Setting my machine up to applique, I stitched over all the lines of the transferred design using some variegated pink thread. Once I had completed the stitching, I cut away the light pink fabric (very, very carefully), to reveal the darker pink fabric I had placed beneath the main fabric.
My bias tape maker was used to make the binding I used to accent and finish the zippered top of the bag as well as the side seams (on the inside of the bag).
My serger was used to finish the edges of the strips (which became ruffles) with a narrow hem in woolly nylon.  My ruffle foot was then used to turn those strips into all these flirty ruffles!

Here's a glimpse of the elastic topped pocket I included inside the bag.
Want to see those ruffles again? A bit of vintage ric rac seemed the right touch to finish off the row of ruffles.

This bag is just about as girly as it gets!  It's also the first project I've made with my ruffle foot.  Years ago, I used a ruffle foot quite frequently when I worked as a drapery seamstress, but I never had that specialty foot for my own machine.  I wanted one, but kept thinking it was not so necessary, since I'm not a ruffle wearing kind of girl and being a mama to two boys, I couldn't justify it.  I just relegated the ruffle foot to a "someday" wish list.
My "someday" arrived when I bought Belle last month and I found a ruffle foot included amongst the original attachments.  Wahoo! (and a little happy dance....) Just because I don't wear ruffles, doesn't mean I can't add ruffles to projects I don't wear, right?  Ahem.  Consider yourself warned. ;o)   I suspect this  Can-Can Kit bag is only the start of me making a few frilly projects.
*Oh, by the way, this is my second variation on this bag.  My first variation can be found here.


  1. A ruffle maker? Oh, how you make me long for my first sewing machine. It was my grandmother's machine. It had so many attachments that my mind boggled. It had two (2) flat feld seam attachments, wide and narrow. My sewing teacher at school told me there was no such thing. I (the braggart that I was) brought proof to school. But I gave it away and now regret it, what with what you tell us about the ruffle maker.
    The ruffles are perfect and the purse is something everyone would want. The colors and design are wonderful.

  2. oh so fun and girly! love the little pocket on the inside. job well done!

  3. lovely.............very girly..........

  4. I'm glad you didn't keep us in suspense for too long. ;-) I was guessing it was a pillow, fun to see how different you can make each of your bags look. I love how you used two such different pattern/colour fabrics for the ruffles and yet they work so well together.

  5. Very nice bag. The ruffles are adorable.

  6. Lovely girly bag Katherine, but not being a girly type, my favourite is the blue with linen nag you made. Probably no surprise... LOL?

    The bag also looks like the lovely one you made me. I gladly use it!

  7. wow..super cute... love the ruffles as well as the rose.. so sweet.. :D

    maybe a ruffled pillow afterward?

  8. I love, love, love this bag. SO girlie and sweet.

  9. Oh Katherine, I fell in love with the ruffle bag, Like you I don't wear ruffle, but still love it!! I love the elastic pocket inside. You should make a couple for sale!I'm catching up with my blogging, speak to ya soon ^+^ Virginie ViviBijoux.com

  10. Gorgeous Katherine!!! Delightfully gorgeous!!!

  11. I love all the feminine frills! What great tutorials on your blog - beautiful items - thanks for sharing.


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