Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bits and Pieces Pillow Cover

Discovering that my walking foot attachment worked on my vintage Singer gave me all the incentive I needed to experiment with making a grid pattern on my most recently finished pillow cover.
 The inspiration behind this scrappy design came to me as I was looking at the quilt called "Little Bits" in the book,  Last Minute Patchwork and Gifts.
 I thought it might be fun to make the "bits" from my scrappy yardage, rather than using one fabric at a time, as in the book.   That way, each "bit" would be completely unique from the next and it also looks more complicated than it actually is.
This time around, I opted for dotted backing for my cover, but I used the same batik to make piping as I did for my first linen and patchwork  pillow cover.  I know I will get more mileage out of these covers with such fun backings to mix up the look.

 Initially, I was making new pillow covers to spruce up our living room.  I've changed my mind.  I really, really think they'll go great with the quilt I'm making for our master bedroom instead.  I'm rather excited about the prospect of having new furnishings in our bedroom.  It's been too many years since I last stitched up matching bed linens and boy, it shows!  I'll be happy to retire the set that's currently on our bed and can't wait for the new "look" to be finished.  At least I have 2 unique cushions as a start. ;o)


  1. I truly love all the projects from your last posts!! Linen and scraps make a great couple!!

    I had no idea you could use a walking foor on a Singer Featherweight!

  2. Thanks, Nicolette!

    Just to clarify, My Singer is a 15-91 - I have no experience with the Featherweight model. To my delight, I've been able to interchange feet between my modern Janome and my vintage Singer because they both happen to be low-shank. I've even free motion quilted on my Singer because I have a modern attachments that will fit (and I can drop the feed dogs on my Singer).

  3. Spectacular pillows. I enlarge a photo to see how you pieced the fabric. Really lovely. I am almost to the point of making a pieced quilt and you are inspiring me.

  4. Gorgeous pillows! I need to make new bedding too - I'm getting awfully tired of all the hunter green in this house!

    I "hooked up" my quilting guide last night and did a grid pattern on a piece of fabric, which then morphed into a boxy bag - I can't believe I didn't have to mark or tape dozens of quilting lines - thanks to your "This foot was made for walking" post" :) I can't use the guide on my walking foot but some of my ankles have the right slot - I'm so glad you posted about yours!


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