Saturday, October 19, 2013

Not a bit goes to waste.

Sharing this may show just how crazy I am about using scraps, but I'll take the chance you'll understand. ;o) I've mentioned my organization system for fabric before, so you know that I have see-through containers to house notions and others for fabric.  I keep bins for cut squares and bins for cut strips and other bins for odd shaped scraps.  However, you may not know that along with having separate containers for each size of leftover strips ( bins for each 1" to 4" in half inch increments), I also have a bin for the long narrow bits of fabric that come from squaring the ends on yardage. 
Yes, I keep even those narrow, frayed bits.  Why?
Maybe this will explain why....
I stitched those stringy scraps onto cardstock, "quilted" them and then cut them to fit onto the fronts of some tiny blank notecards. For some I left the raw edges exposed,

 while on others, I pieced to hide the fraying edges.

Now I have a collection of unique fabric happy notecards to use.

So am I crazy?  No, on second thought, don't answer that! LOL

Edited to add:

If you love these scrappy notecards, you might also enjoy my other posts showing more scrappy notecards AND scrappy gift tags (which can be made quick and easy with a gift tag die) !


  1. Those notecards are lovely. I'm off to check out your friend's blog now.

  2. What a great idea! Now I have to find the notecards and then I can also go a bit crazy :-)

    Gunilla - friend of Maja

  3. I love scrappy little projects nearly as much as I like shiny things. Your cards look wonderful.

  4. Katherine, your cards beat mine 'going and coming'! I love them! and prefer the raw edges! All the ideas for tiny scraps are welcome because I have them a lot! x Teje

  5. I must admit that I throw those teeny tiny scraps away, but after seeing those super cute notecards I might have to start saving them :)

  6. Katherine those are great postcards with scraps! I am a confessed scrap-a-holic too, lol!

  7. I hate throwing any pretty bit of fabric away, and keep anything that can take a seam. This technique would also be good for making tags to put on presents, thanks for sharing the idea.

  8. I keep meaning to make some cards with fabric, thank you for the inspiration.

  9. Oh I like those - save the bits and pieces from projects you make as gifts, and then use the scraps to embellish the To/From card that will go with it (could even write care instructions on the back) :) I have a cardboard cutting thing used for scrapbooking - it cuts out squares with the rounded edges - plus I have lots of card stock (given to me by a friend who was cleaning out stash) - OMG I'm going to make these with my Brrr! scraps for the quilts I have finished! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Totally awesome. Gotta dig out the scraps I tossed last night. THANK YOU

    P.S. Great project for a child too.

  11. I barely can find enough time to make things with yardage, so even though I do have color coded scrap bins, I rarely think of uses for them. But now, Katherine, your notecards are very inspiring right along with the many suggestions of your other followers! Thank you to everyone for this new inspiration!

  12. Hej Katherine!
    My scraploving friend!
    You have now entered my scrapchallenge!
    Good Luck!

    Oh, and I L O V E your cards!!!

  13. I love this idea! I visited her site. Is there a way to get it in English?

  14. Oh and I thought I was the only one who saved EVERYTHING, including the strips where I have torn to straighten the grain. Now I know what to do with the boxes of scraps. I see sets of note cards done up for Christmas gifts. Thanks bunches for your great ideas.

  15. Love it! I save all my scraps too. I don't know what to do until I find lovely ideas like yours. Thanks for sharing.

  16. You are my kind of crazy, lady! LOL. Such great results. And I hate throwing out the scraps, even the teeny tiny ones...

  17. how lovely! Such a good way to use up those scraps. I did something similar for the Christmas Card books I contributed to - I cut them out into triangles to make Christmas trees.

  18. wow wow wow
    it´s wonderful

    hello from bavaria smile...



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